• Beautiful ink and rubber stamping, amazing embossed.
  • Personalized your paper, clothes, shoes and etc.
  • Materials : Plastic, rubber. Waterproof print out effect.
  • Refillable.
  • Over Thousand Imprints
  • Available in Black ink only
  • Made in Australia.

Steps to select options:
Select the Layout. (eg: PS20-002) - Please refer image
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Key In Name for Textile Stamp

Care: Before stamping garment, wash thoroughly to eliminate any trace of starch. Wait at least 24 hours after stamping before washing stamped garment



  1. Black Ink Only
    Size of P20S : 37mm x 13mm
    Ink pad for textile stamp

  2. Comes in one roll
    White colors
    Sizes of ribbon: 15mm x 2m
    For textile (clothes) only
    Special paste for dark colour clothes
    Adhesive type when iron


Textile Stamp

Print your own mark on your personal belongings This set contains 1x P20 Printerline with cover 1x Replacement ink pad 1x White thermal adhesive ribbon

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