5 in 1 Teacher Stamp

Compact. Convenient. Portable. The new 5-in-1 Teacher Stamps are here!

Color, Black And White Printing

Print your homework or assignment.

Special Price For Student!

Reward Sticker

Reward and motivate your pupils in your classroom.
480 pcs of motivational stickers for teachers from Primary Teaching.


Looking for PVC card printing service to print your logo, event information etc?     We have been supplying PVC cards to niversitiesm, colleges, schools, government deparments and small/large businesses. Contact us today!

Teacher Stamp
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Teacher Stamp

Here are some of our the best teacher stamps with ready template. Say goodby to messy hands with these self-inking teacher's stamp

Engraved Name Tag

Custom-made engraved name tag with different colors. Suitable for doctors, teachers and all government institutions. 

Day Label Sticker
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Day Label Sticker

Making it easy to organize books according to class time tables

Epoxy Name Tag

person's name written on it and that is attached to the person's clothing. 
She handed out name tags for people to wear at the conference.

Alas Meja

Sesuai untuk saiz meja : 20 x  27 inci
Saiz alas meja : 23 x 30 inci
Material : Pvc Tarpolin (waterproof)

Button Badge Keychain

Appreciation Day gift ideas and choose one to show them that their dedication. Here are some quick, inexpensive ideas to create a little something special

Cartoon / Color Name Sticker

Label for school equipment such as training books, drinking water bottles, food containers, pencils and others.

Certificate Holder (Hard Cover)

Material for cover, chipboard 230 gsm + cover, just upload your logo and text to make order.

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