Features :

  • 300mm or 11.5 Inch sealing length
  • For short-run plastic bag and film sealing application 
  • Workk on Polyethylene, polypropylene & Polyolefine Compounds plastic bag/ film
  • Low cost and easy to use
  • Create strong, neat and air / water tight sealing seam
  • Simple, robust, reliable and user friendly
  • Light weight and portable
  • Built-in timer for various sealing time depend on plastic bag/ film thickness


Operations : 

Simple! Place a plastic bag / film between the sealing bars, press down and release.

  • Place a plastic bag / film between sealing bars
  • Set timer controller to appropraite selaing time (Adjust timer controller according to plastic bag / film type and thickness to ensure neat and strong sealing effect)
  • Press down the sealing bar till indicate light goes out
  • Release sealing bar and take away sealed plastic / film


Specifications :

Model                 : Seal 300
Impulse power         : 450W
Max sealing length    : 300mm
Max sealing thickness : 2mm
Heating time          : 0.2-2s
Weight                : 1.75kg
Dimension             : 435 x 95 x 180 mm
Input voltage         : 110-220v/50Hz

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